Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome to Blogspot

Well I had to come here to help wage a blog war. Then Rule 2 came into effect which is "Where I go 12 Feet Under goes!"
This is going to be a homage to both the Hard Way Hiking Club and the SoCal Kerplunkers. The thing they have in common is that was where the talent went. In the years many jumpers have gone big but only two came out with both talent and staying power. The first was Jesse and he still dominates any cliff jump he finds! The other jumper was Murf who might not have the most graceful style but has a set of huge brass balls.
I was and always will be Skorch. Ive gone big and I've gone upside down and I think my most impressive trick is a Swan Dive. the way I do these dives are stylish enough to be on a magazine cover!